Los Angeles, California – Experience dynamic and impressive sound with VM Audio’s new VAS310P and VAS4210P Shaker Series Pro. D.J. Loud Speakers. Built to perform, these loud speakers really get the bass bumping and the music flowing.


Crisp, thundering, professional quality sound pulses continuously through the 2-way high efficiency horn tweeters and the durable woofer.


These speakers are a must have for D.J.s, audio coordinators, and sound system operators. Perfect for night clubs, home entertainment, seminars, and many other events and venues, there will be no audience these speakers can’t reach.


The next generation, extremely efficient high output with minimal power requirements and intelligent overload protection circuitry makes these loud speaker systems exceptionally powerful, and portable. The HPB filter sports a passive crossover design for a smooth signal transition without distortion while the Super HDF wood board with high dense properties minimizes vibrations and internal resonances for a clean crisp sound.


Engineered with high-grade materials, these sleek and stylish speakers feature durable terminals, and digitally ported enclosures. The aviation grade, heavy duty carpet promotes long-term protection against ripping and wear. The black edge guards protect to endure movement and heavy travel. No worrying about nicks, bumps, and scratches with these strong, secure speaker systems.