Los Angeles, California – VM Audio’s sound experts are happy to unveil the new SRHP3 On-Ear Deep Bass Headphones from the Shaker Series. The SRHP3 is perfect for amateur sound enthusiasts who are passionate about their bass. VM Audio’s Shaker Series is designed for new sound aficionados who want to hear what professional listeners experience.


The SRHP3 features a deep powerful bass output and a natural noise reduction acoustic design that allows listeners to focus solely on the music that matters most to them. The closed-back design makes it sound like music is coming directly from the user’s own head, allowing them to ignore outside noise and hear the best their music has to offer.


Compatible with digital media players and smartphones alike, the SRHP3 provides comfort in addition to a magnificent listening experience. Innovative Soothing Comfort EarPads provide the user with a relaxing natural-fitting pad that stays comfortable after many hours, so listeners never have to cut their music experience short due to discomfort.


Since the SRHP3 is designed to provide great sound for hours on end, it’s also built to look great too, so listeners can make a fashion statement while wearing them. Available in grey, black, blue, green, lime-green, red, orange and pink, users can pick their favorite color to show off their superior sound technology.