Los Angeles, California – VM Audio’s sound experts proudly announce their new SRHP15 Over-Ear Powerful Bass Headphones from the Shaker Series products. Amateur sound enthusiasts will fall in love with products from the Shaker Series when they hear the astonishing professional sound they produce. The SRHP15 is one of those mind-blowing headphones that will amaze listeners.


The SRHP15 is supremely comfortable with Comfortpedic FeelGood Cushion Ear Pads make the headphones feel like pillows for the ears, users can wear them for hours and still listen in absolute comfort.


The closed-back nature of the headphones, coupled with natural noise reduction technology that blocks out ambient noise make these the perfect headphones to lose oneself in music and disregard the noise of everyday life. It’s easy to get lost in music when the SRHP15 features Opulence Crystalline Sound technology that produces sound that is clear, clean and natural.


VM Audio products are not only extremely functional, they are elegant and fashionable as well and the SRHP15 certainly fulfills this requisite. Compatible with digital media players and smartphones alike and available in blue, grey, black, green, bright green, lime-green, red, orange and pink the SRHP15 provides listeners with fantastic audio delivery in their favorite colors.