ANAHEIM -California

The sound specialists at VM Audio were front and center at SPOCOM 2013 in Anaheim California. Visitors to SPOCOM had the opportunity to examine some of the most impressive cars in existence at one of the world’s largest auto shows and VM Audio added energy and style to the show with state-of-the-art car audio equipment and striking models from Moezart Photography.


Incredible cars and car accessories were the focal point of SPCOM and dozens of vendors competed for the attention of the audience, but VM Audio’s booth was by far one of the most visited of the day. Everyone had to see the awesome car audio equipment and meet the beautiful models. In fact, so many people mobbed the booth, and the models that accompanied it, that they almost completely closed off the main walkway.


Sleek cars, exceptional audio equipment and attractive models were on display all day at VM Audio’s booth. Thousands of visitors were thrilled to receive signed posters and pose for photographs with the models. Hundreds more were excited just to have the chance to learn more about VM Audio’s car audio equipment and to experience the pure unadulterated sound only VM Audio can create. Together, SPOCOM and VM Audio provided unmatched entertainment and excitement and a very memorable weekend for all those in attendance.