Who We Are and What We Do
VM Audio is a globally recognized, industry leader dedicated to producing high-performance audio products for everyone from the casual listener to the professional audiophile. We believe that everyone deserves to get perfect sound from their audio products which is why our engineers spend countless hours researching, testing, and calibrating our products for the best performance and sound.


Quality from Design to Construction
Our obsession with audio perfection continues throughout every stage of development including our product design and the materials we use in construction. All of our product lines are built to keep up with your lifestyle and your professional needs all while providing the kind of audio purity that we demand. With a full range of designs, colors and finishes, VM audio products achieve a rugged appeal and sexy sophistication that is unrivaled within the industry.


The VM Audio Product Lines
The dedication of our engineers and product designers is seen in each of our product lines. No matter what your audio needs, you can rest assured that we’ve put our heart and soul into the end product that you hold in your hands.


The Shaker Series is our entry level product line designed to deliver the best possible sound for the lowest possible price. Created for casual, every-day listening, the Shaker Series line is carefully crafted for beautiful appearance, extensive versatility, long durability, and ease of use. The entire collection is fashioned as the optimal economic solution while still adhering to our standards of audio quality.


Elux series: powerful and extravagant. The Elux line was created for the intermediate user who knows that higher quality equipment will allow them to get the most out of their albums, movies and video games. If you’ve developed an ear for rich, quality sound the Elux collection does nothing but deliver pure audio performance.


The Encore collection is VM Audio’s exquisite line of products and features a seductive combination of performance, style and exclusivity. Built for the audio aficionado, this revolutionary line has been meticulously sharpened, refined and rethought in every detail. When it’s only the best or nothing at all, VM Audio’s Encore series delivers the truest possible sound and consistent bass. The Encore collection from VM Audio feeds your urge for true sophistication and the ultimate in professional audio performance.


We Want to Hear From You
The VM Audio team works hard to bring their expert knowledge straight to you. In our quest for continuous perfection, your comments, questions or suggestions are always welcome. VM Audio looks forward to helping you create an unforgettable personalized audio experience.